Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet my dear Jonny....

So it's been so long yet again since I've blogged. A lot has happened since November.... new people, places, teaching, and reading. I will try to separate my thoughts out so that it makes sense to those who occasionally read my blog.

First, meet my lovely boyfriend, Jonny. You will have to rewind to 26th July 2014, where we met at a wedding for friends of mine that I met on a holiday to Spain with Oakhall.... Just proof that that trip was an immense experience and that God works in mysterious ways! The funny thing is we danced together, yet we hardly spoke a word to each other that day... or a few days later when a few of us went out for drinks. I do admit I was a bit surprised when he added me as a friend on fb. Unfortunately, the next day I had to catch a plane to Canada where I was spending my summer. We did message regularly through out the summer.

September came around so I returned to my Exeter home and went back to teaching. Soon after we started to make plans to meet up... I didn't expect that he would then drive 4 hours to spend time with ME in Exeter... He showed up at my door with a bouquet of beautiful flowers... It was then that I knew it was a date... :). We went out for pancakes... Bacon and maple syrup.... Yummy! He took me to my first rugby game, then we went to Zizzy's for a loveLy evening meal... He then walked me home and headed 4 hours back to his house... All in one day! I still can't believe that he was willing to drive 8 hours in one day to see me! Now that's love.

Anyway, it's been 9 months since then and we have spend lots of time travelling to visit each other.  We've gone on many adventures in London, walks to various beaches, mountains, and eventually to Canada to visit my family. Just recently I've accepted a new job near Jonny... I will still be teaching Maths, but at a Church of England school... Apparently, many teachers at this school go to the same church that I will go to with Jonny. I'm so excited to be teaching where other Christians are... And thrilled to be living in the same town as Jonny! We shall see what my future/ our future will hold.... I imagine God has great plans for us. :)

I'll try to keep you posted regularly. While I do feel incredibly blessed, I do miss my dear friends from all over! Please do keep in touch.

Peace and Joy,


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